Our services are highly customized per the client’s goals & needs. Below are some examples of integrated services, but we do not have to work within these defined structures.

Label Management

We offer full label management, which includes oversight and task delegation across the full spectrum of a record labels business, as well as individual campaign integration. We have worked with notable distributors like InGrooves, IDOL, AWAL, and more on complex releases, developing & executing strategies for DSP’s. We have worked on e-commerce strategies with labels to develop a stronger customer relationship to drive recurring sales. We have worked on individual campaigns to develop and/or execute ad campaigns and rollout plans. We’ve worked across multiple genres, and with multiple external partners on radio campaigns, press campaigns, and more. Whether a label is looking for a consistent team member to handle a particular piece of the business, or a project manager to oversee an important release, we have solutions that may be a good fit.

Indie Release Plan

Are you an independent artist committed to self releasing? We love working with indie’s to develop a more comprehensive rollout plan, and to integrate typically unreachable resources into their businesses. Whether you are looking for our team to develop better systems by negotiating distro deals & licensing partners, or looking for our team to draw up a release plan that covers rollout, advertising, marketing, and e-commerce, or looking or our team to project manage and execute the entire release, we have resources to bring to the table.

Tour Marketing

Hitting the road? Whether you are an artist manager or an independent artist, when it’s time to hit the road we all know how many different layers of tasks and organization need to be in place for a successful tour. One of those is marketing. Simply turning everything over to the promoter / venue is rarely the best solution for selling out a show. We work with the artist or manager to develop a marketing plan, advertising plan, and assets, which are used in our own fan outreach customized to your goals and your audience. We also integrate directly with the venues marketing team to oversee their use of their budget and ad spends, and work with the venues on ticket giveaways, contests, fan club ticketing, sponsorships, etc.

Show Advance

Going on tour without a dedicated tour manager? We interface between artist & venue to advance all of the day or show logistics and details, and provide them back to the artist via a user friendly phone app. This ‘in-office tour management’ style works particularly well for bands without tour managers, or dj’s & producers who are often flying in and out of shows, preventing them from having a dedicated TM. We have plenty of experience navigating production advances, logistic advances, hospitality advances, and day of show coordination with transportation & scheduling.


Looking to spend an hour or two or ten talking over your business model with a long time industry professional? We are available for video conferencing to consult on strategy, tools, goals, artist development, touring, etc. Let us share our 16+ years of knowledge and experience.